Companion Plants for Cannabis

Companion Plants for Cannabis

Welcome back, this week on the Bounty Blog we’re going to talk about the many benefits of using companion plants in your cannabis garden.

Companion planting is the act of planting different crops in close proximity to each other in an effort to recycle nutrients, improve flavors, and most importantly, as an organic tool for pest management. By incorporating specific companion plants for cannabis you will improve your garden’s overall health and resistance to disease.

Pests plague almost all cannabis growers. Indoor growers typically encounter pests such as aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, thrips and whiteflies, but they have the ability to control their growing environment more easily. Outdoor growers on the other hand have a grader time combatting nature’s pesty invaders such as caterpillars, slugs, snails, rodents, and basically any insect nature’s playground harbors.  This is why companion plants for cannabis are especially helpful for organic outdoor growers who do not want to use potentially harmful pesticides on their growing ladies.

So, let’s explore some specific companion plants for cannabis that will help control pests in your medical marijuana gardens.

Companion Plants for Cannabis that Deter Pests

Some plants release chemicals that naturally repel pests and this can help prevent any neighboring plants from infestation.

  • Chrysanthemum flowers contain pyrethrin, a natural insecticide
  • Aromatic herbs such as basil release insect repellants from their foliage
  • Slugs typically steer clear of basil, fennel, rosemary, and mint (others)
  • Coriander repels aphids, spider mites and potato beetles
  • Costmary helps to repel moths




Companion Plants for Cannabis that Attract Pest Predators

If you can’t get a certain pest to stay away, then invite their predators to the party. Implementing these plants attracts the predators of the pests munching away at your garden. Good thing we’re at the top of the food chain!

Host Plants for Cannabis; Companion Plants that Pest Can Infest

Here is a genius decoy— get a plant that pests absolutely ADORE and let them infest it. Just don’t plant this trap in the same pot as your cannabis, but place her nearby.

Butterflies although cute can be a nuisance to an outdoor cannabis grower. Butterflies love Milkweed, Dill, Fennel, Parsley and many other garden favorites. So planting a few pots near your cannabis garden can discourage hungry butterflies, and future hungrier caterpillars, away from your girls.

Aphids, which don’t have the cute cover butterflies do, are especially attracted to Nasturtium, Roses, Milkweed, & Mums.

Basil and Chives are rumored to improve flavor while Chamomile is said to increase oil production in surrounding plants such as carrots and tomatoes; some food for thought for cannabis growers looking to intensify flavors and increase resin production.




Companion Plants for Cannabis that Recycle Nutrients

Companion planting doesn’t only amplify health, oil production, and flavor, but also can be key players in the ever-recycling nutrient ecosystem.

Legumes (peas, beans, lentils, etc) are able to do a really, really cool thing– break the triple bonds of atmospheric nitrogen with the help of Rhizobium bacteria. In doing so, these companion plants are able to contribute to the pool of readily available nitrogen — these plants have been termed givers in some gardens.

  • Alfalfa: fixes the soil with nitrogen while also accumulating iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium
  • Beans: all bean enrich the soil with nitrogen, which is why they are perfect for heavy nitrogen users– think of that nitrogen thirsty strain in your stable
  • Chamomile: accumulates calcium, potassium and sulfur

Companion plants can also change the composition of the medium itself, loosening compacted soils and making it easier for air and water to penetrate.

From rosemary for home-cooked-meals to pretty flowers serving as eye candy– incorporating companion plants benefits the ecosystem surrounding your medicinal garden. Planting accompanying herbs and plants alongside your girls help recycle and to an extent buffer nutrient uptake, amplify flavors, and serves as leverage in pest management. Now go out there and plant something pretty! Hope this helped, happy companion plant growing!

*If you’re looking for a more detailed list of great accompanying plants check this link out!



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