Music in Your Medical Marijuana Garden

The Influence of Music in Your Medical Marijuana Gardens

From Mozart to Kendrick, we’ve all played our favorites while watering, tending to and playing with our ladies in the garden. But is the sway in our girls simply mingling with the beats or are they actually benefiting from boogying down?

Many growers have reported bigger yields after incorporating music in their gardens, so I had to ask myself: is this physiologically possible? The only explanation was if mechano-sensitive channels were at play here. And indeed these channels appear to be to underlying reason as to why this theory would work.

Mechanical stress, in this case from sound waves of whatever music you are playing, can have an influence in biochemical processes—say photosynthesis, because of these mechano-sensitive channels. Furuichi T and colleagues reported data to support the role of mechanosensitive channels in the regulation of the opening phase of stomata in plants.

The word stomata literally translates to mouth in Greek because they allow communication between the internal and external environments of the plants using the language of CO2, O2, and water vapors. These “mouth” parts open to raise transpiration rates and CO2 uptake, which is necessary for the photosynthetic processes that need to occur.

So in theory, music would translate into a stimulus via sound waves that then act as a mechanical stressor on plants. These stressors then activate mechano-sensitive channels and begin a series of chain reactions that leads to the opening of stomas, which equals more transpiration, more CO2, more photosynthesis, more growth, and bigger yields.

During my search I continued to find supporting scientific papers:

  • In 2001 Li Tao et at., reported that a range of sound waves can stimulate cell division in tobacco, leading to improved plant growth and development.
  • In 2007 Yang Xiaocheng et at., showed that moderate sound stimulation increased the activity of ATP (energy for plants) metabolism.
  • In 2009 scientist Hou Tianzhen and colleagues used a plant audio apparatus (frequency range: 100-2000Hz) on tomatoes and found a yield increase of 13.2% alongside a decrease of 9.0% in grey mold.

So it appears there’s some data to suggest music does indeed play a role in your garden and can lead to bigger yields.

The question now is what do you play? Radio waves have frequencies as low as 3,000Hz. Scientist Hou Tianzhen tested at lower frequency ranges between 100-2000Hz and was still able to show a yield increase of 13.2%, so whatever is on your radio will do. If you want an in-depth look at my personal garden playlist, click the picture below for a short video. You can also click the link below and check out my custom playlist on Spotify. As always, happy growing!

Click to see a video from Miss MMJGeek’s Garden

One thought on “Music in Your Medical Marijuana Garden

  1. playing musicfor MJ really works play some sabbath or good metal mithbusters made a test ,4 tents ( same plant inside each tent. same pot size, soil and same food ) tent playing metal best results, winner by far ”happy growing” by the way c.bounty soil the best!!! no joke best flavor ever. roots get the best oc2 ever
    i never seen my plants growing so beautifull county bounty soil works wonderfull , just water and you done i love it thank you guys ”keep up the good work”

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