This Week In Cannabis 12/12

Feds to Harsh D.C.’s Mellow

In what probably qualifies as “green-on-green combat,” a new federal spending bill has an amendment embedded in it that could block the use of any and all funds to help in the implementation of Initiative 71—D.C.’s recreational marijuana legislation.

Despite many House Republicans saying that blocking this legalization was not on their legislative radar and the President of the United States warning lawmakers to back off, the potential for what the New York Times referred to as “‘plantation’ oversight” was always a concern.

And it looks like it’s coming to pass. Punching D.C. in the pocketbook when it comes to contentious and fractious issues (reads: abortion and medical marijuana) is not unusual. But this is a little more underhanded.

With little time left on the clock, it seems certain that the amendment that would block legalization from happening in the Nation’s Capital will simply get shuffled in with little opposition from the left side of the House.

And Now for the Not Bad News

The same New York Times article (mentioned above) speaks to the “double-edged” nature of the pending money bill towards marijuana policy. The Feds, it seems, are ready to giveth (to states and their legal rights to self determination in general) and taketh away (D.C.’s rights to self determination in particular).

The omnibus spending bill that is on its way to squelching D.C.’s legal high has a couple of plusses, too. The same bill would also stop the Justice Department from using taxpayers’ dollars to sweat states where medical marijuana exists by attempting to counter those laws.

Another part of the giveth-ing, is the blocking of the DEA’s attempts to stop hemp cultivation legislation (which has already been passed, mind you) for the purposes of agricultural and scholastic study.

As startling and unjust as the blocking of D.C.’s right to grow, share and smoke weed is, the magnitude of what Congress is proposing by heeling its own attack dogs cannot be understated.

A Credit to Weed

Support is not the only thing growing for marijuana businesses. The need for a safe place to put their gains is, too. And has been for a while. Sitting on stockpiles of cash is a major area of safety concerns for marijuana businesses.

Well, that might not be a problem in the very near future according to USA Today.

A credit union specializing in helping with the piles of marijuana moolah, the Fourth Corner Credit Union, is only one step away from helping businesses flush with cash start to store it and move it electronically.

Fourth Corner has already cleared the crucial hurdle of getting the Colorado banking regulator’s seal of approval, and is just waiting for the Federal Reserve to issue a number. Something that the organization’s attorneys say is only a matter of time.

And that time could be before Christmas if all goes well.

Nevada Is a Go

The Weed Blog also brings good tidings this holiday season. According to one of their reports, the Nevada Secretary of State, Ross Miller, has certified a marijuana legalization initiative and pending review in the state legislature will be on the 2016 ballot.

The fact that 200,000 votes were filed when only 102,000 were needed could be a good sign for legalization groups in the Silver State.

Beers and Butts Battering Weed

U.S. News offers an interesting insight into why marijuana legalization is facing such stiff resistance. Quick hint: it’s not about public health. Basically, reporter Ben Cohen says, “follow the money.” He makes a pretty interesting argument as to why, too.