This Week In Cannabis 6/6

MMJ Gets Boost in Illinois
What was already a good week for medical marijuana, (with the House of Representatives recently voting “yay” on stopping the Feds from interfering with medical marijuana rights in those states where it is legal), just got better.

The Illinois General Assembly voted in favor  (54-2) of allowing children with epilepsy to legally be allowed access to cannabidiol, or CBD oil, as a treatment for seizures.

With the bill’s passage into law awaiting Governor Pat Quinn’s signature, it signals another small step in one of many for medical marijuana use in the U.S.

Growing Out of Control
On the other hand, growing medical marijuana just got a little harder in Lake County, California. The Northern California County voted against marijuana growing in an ordinance that was led by county supervisors.

Among other things, the ban now prohibits medical marijuana growers from outdoor cultivation within community growth boundaries and limits indoor marijuana growing to 100 sq.ft.

Even though California legalized medical marijuana and outdoor cultivation in 1996, local jurisdictions are allowed to enact their own growing restrictions and limits.

MMJ grower advocates have promised to put forward their own ordinance for the November ballot and believe it will “more effectively regulate medical marijuana growing the in the region.”

Wide Awake and Baked
As early as next month, waking and baking will soon be available in drink form. An iced-coffee drink to be exact. Mirth Provisions is the handiwork of Washington native Adam Stites, and his beverage offers a caffeine jolt tempered by a THC infusion roughly the same size as half a joint (20milligrams).

Doubling up on fixes will set you back as much as $11 for “Cold Brew” and for obvious reasons it will only be available to residents of Colorado and Washington state.

Cold Brew, touted as “the John Wayne of cold brews – strong and bold with a true cowboy’s swagger” on its website, will eventually be offered as a flavored soft drink—which would definitely put the pop in soda pop. We’re not sure if McDonalds will offer it as a fountain drink, but we remain hopeful.

Romancing the Stoner
new website is helping marijuana lovers connect with others who share the same type of green interests.

The site,, whose mantra is “plant your seed and watch your love grow,” has offered to help find that special someone with whom you can puff, puff give.

The site isn’t a platform for legalizing marijuana, but rather just a safe online dating space that helps daters to skip the “do you partake” question and start from a place of common interests. This would probably qualify as a higher love.