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Welcome to the Bounty Blog! Here you’ll find information about everything from sexing your medical marijuana plants to national legislation regarding cannabis.

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This Week In Cannabis 6/13

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Joint Benefits Colorado continues to lead the way down the green path. Recently it was announced that the state health department will infuse $9 million into medical marijuana […]

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Odor Control for Indoor Grow Rooms

So your indoor garden stinks? Well, blame it on the girls! On their terpenes! While you might have some odor issues during veg stages, the true stinky giant doesn’t awake until early flower and only […]

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This Week In Cannabis 6/6

MMJ Gets Boost in Illinois What was already a good week for medical marijuana, (with the House of Representatives recently voting “yay” on stopping the Feds from interfering with medical marijuana rights in those states where it […]

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This Week In Cannabis 5/30

House Restricts DEA From Targeting State-Legal Medical Marijuana In a reflection of the nation-wide growing acceptance of marijuana, a bipartisan collation of House members voted today to restrict the DEA from using funds to prosecute medical marijuana […]

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How to Clean Your Indoor Grow Room

Our indoor gardens like to sit in soil, but not be surrounded by filth. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your girls in their pots and not all over your floor, but it’s important to practice […]

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This Week In Cannabis 5/23

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow Hacking on Weed It’s been a fairly bizarre week for marijuana at the FBI. On Monday, FBI Director James Comey set a lot of activists’ hearts aflutter […]

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This Week In Cannabis 5/16

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow Banking on Green Financial services for marijuana growers have traditionally withered in the long shadow cast by Federal law, but a new bill by Colorado legislators would […]

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What is Reverse Osmosis?

REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) From bubble-hash extract artists to every organic book in the canna community, reverse osmosis is everywhere! But before we look at its benefits and role in the cannabis community, let’s understand what […]

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This Week In Cannabis 5/9

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Minnesota Puffing Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization Or are they? Strangely, the bill that recently passed in the State Senate (by a large majority of 48-18), which would […]

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This Week in Cannabis 5/2

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Marijuana Could Be in a Different Class Looks like marijuana could receive a new classification if Republican representative Morgan Griffith’s (VA) new bill, the “Legitimate Use of Medicinal Marijuana Act,” gets the […]

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