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Welcome to the Bounty Blog! Here you’ll find information about everything from sexing your medical marijuana plants to national legislation regarding cannabis.

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How to Flush Marijuana Before Harvest

How to Flush Your Medical Marijuana Plants Before Harvest You’re approaching that 8-12th week finish line (depending on strains), a sight so anticipated it renders you impatient to leap forward toward completion. But patience in […]

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This Week In Cannabis 9/12

This Week in Cannabis: Jobs go up in smoke due to medical marijuana drug testing; Studies, studies everywhere; Philly on the decriminalization train (as are some world leaders), and  new claims that marijuana affects teenage developmental […]

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This Week in Cannabis 9/5

This Week: Free Weed, DEA May Support Growing, More Tales of Decriminalization, How to Bank your Stash, and the Growing Benefits of Marijuana Free Weed Berkeley, California is now helping its less fortunate get a […]

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Element Hunting: Carbon

Element Hunting: Carbon On our last element hunt we encountered the macronutrient Nitrogen. To re-cap, there are 18 elements required for plants to live. They consist of 9 macronutrients& 8micronutrients: C, H, O, N, P, […]

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This Week in Cannabis 8/29

In this week’s issue, marijuana: does a couple good reduces pill overdoses remains tough to get into Iowa goes straight to the head and suffers from irony A No Hitter A family that blazes together, […]

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Bounty Interview: Probiotic, organic cannabis cultivator

@budding_grower, mycelium-aficionado and probiotic-organic medical cannabis cultivator. When you met someone who can regularly be quoted saying “I got mold stacked to the ceiling,” or, better yet, recites poetry to mold inspired by mold whenever the […]

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This Week In Cannabis 8/22

Oregon pro-legalization throws green to get green, Alaskan efforts slip down the poll, Medical Marijuana vs. the GOP, and Indispensable Medical Marijuana Legalization Efforts Getting Smoked in Alaska? Just when you thought it was going […]

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This Week In Cannabis

Florida Overdoses on Poor Campaign Tactics The fight to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has been a contentious battle. For example, take a look at the latest ad from the ‘No on 2’ campaign’s Facebook […]

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This Week In Cannabis 8/8

This Week In Cannabis Times are a-changin’, D.C. eagle eyes legalization, advertising the benefits, OR bank goes green (well, it’s trying), marijuana goes to prison, and driving marijuana perceptions away. D.C. Puts Down Legalization Flaps […]

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Element Hunting: Nitrogen

Element Hunting: Nitrogen ( a macro-nutrient)  Before diving into this week’s topic, let’s define a few crucial terms that are used to discuss the role nitrogen plays in your garden and life in general. Use […]

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