This Week In Cannabis 8/22

Oregon pro-legalization throws green to get green, Alaskan efforts slip down the poll, Medical Marijuana vs. the GOP, and Indispensable Medical Marijuana

Legalization Efforts Getting Smoked in Alaska?
Just when you thought it was going to be safe to smoke, grow and carry in Alaska, polls show that support has started to wane, according to Marijuana Business Daily. Not really what you want to see with November just around the corner.

Public Policy Polling showed that recreational marijuana legalization support from May has slipped from 48% to 44% ,while opposition has jumped from 45% to 49%.

All is not lost, however. With around 8% still undecided, there is still a little wiggle room for legalization proponents to get the boost they need to take it over the finish line.

Measure 2 would allow Alaskan residents to grow up to six plants and possess up to an ounce of marijuana.  It would also make the manufacturing and sale of recreational cannabis legal.

Cash No Small Measure in Oregon
According to a report from the Marijuana Business Journal, leading campaigners for Measure 91 (Oregon’s legalization initiative) are ready to splash some serious cash on their pro-legalization messages to get support from the good folks of Oregon.

In fact, the reported $2.3million ad buy is set to eclipse the entire spend for Colorado’s successful Amendment 64. Now as to whether or not they actually have that cash handy is unknown. However, the Oregon Secretary of State website would suggest that the answer is “no.”

But between voters consistently being in favor of the Measure, organized opposition not acting quite that organized, and communications director for New Approach Oregon, Peter Zuckerman, claiming essentially that money is no object (the campaign will “spend as much money as we need. We’re going to do what it takes to win”), it appears that the potential fluctuating number of zeros at the end the ad budget will not deter legalization efforts.

Growing Medical Marijuana Support, Just Not Among GOP
The Washington Post has cleverly questioned the disparity between what the people want and what their elected officials actually support in an article titled, Public support for medical marijuana is reaching new highs. Why do Republican 2016 hopefuls find the idea a buzzkill?

Despite a January nationwide poll indicating that 80% of Americans are for doctor prescribed marijuana for medical purposes, it is still getting push-back from some Republican front men.

Notably Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, has spoken out against medical marijuana legalization initiative (Amendment 2), saying that it will reduce the number of tourists and businesses that come to the area.

The Post proffers up the business community as a potential influence (reads: spur) on their anti-marijuana sentiments. Blowing smoke indeed.

CT MMJ Dispensary Open House A Breath of Fresh Air
Connecticut’s first ever state-legal medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors recently to both patients and the public—without any actual marijuana available reports Toke of the Town.

Owners of the dispensary called Wednesday’s opening more of a “open house,” in which patients and the public were invited to view the new dispensary and meet the growers behind the medicine.

Good news, the first shipment is expected next month. Not so good news, no word on what pricing will look like.