Coffee with Afgoo_head: Interview with a Mad Genius — Part 3

afgoo_head thai stick
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What’s you’re take on the world of medical marijuana (MMJ) moving towards…

Before I could, HONK,finish my statement, HONNNNNNK,the city, after snoozing a few times, was now wide-awake. While many had slept-in on this sunny Saturday morning, Afgoo_head and I had already covered marijuana, Thai sticks, and at this point only had MMJ, recreational legalization, and closing statements to cover. HONK!!!

Beginning January 2014 Colorado commenced sales of recreational marijuana, what’s your take on medical marijuana moving toward legal recreational use?

“It was bound to happen however, I’m not really too sure if it was the greatest idea ever.”

Ohhh, okay why so?

He reiterated his philosophy that you should “smoke something that’s going to benefit you,” referring back to its medicinal purposes. “At this point no one has died as a direct result from THC however, I do see how a lot of irresponsible people could get themselves in a really bad situation.”

Do you see California following in Colorado and Washington’s footsteps of legalizing recreational use? What about the rest of the US? How long do you think it would take for the entire country to get on board?

“I think eventually it will happen, but it will be a while before it happens here in California, especially in LA. LA is definitely seen as one of the biggest role models. This is a cultural mecca. You might be asking for trouble. I feel that officials here have a lot of things on their plate when it comes to balancing stuff out, and this would just be another issue they would have to deal with.”

Would you say that marijuana is becoming less taboo and users are less fearful because society is a bit more lenient with regards to it?

Photo courtesy of @Afgoo_head

Photo courtesy of @Afgoo_head

“The only thing I should fear or have discretion with is with my immediate family or a potential employer. At this point much of society has either smoked or tried it before or they’ve already heard enough about it,” and since there is more information out there it is easier to become educated on the subject.

A lot of people still have engraved in them the philosophy that “marijuana is a gateway drug.” What do you have to say to these people?

“I think if someone is going to jump into harder drugs by choice it would be something that would have happened regardless. Whether there was weed involved or not.”

Unfortunately this association remains and sadly marijuana continues to be the face behind the slogan gateway drug.

What should the medical marijuana world expect from Afgoo_head?

“Whoa? From me?”

Whether you want it or not your Thai sticks and cannabis cigars are beginning to have a big influence.

“I try to take more of an educational approach. I want people to understand what goes into my joint in general” because every single ingredient serves a particular purpose. He feels that in most cases you come across a “sales person rather than a consultant.”

In my own personal opinion, in order for there to be a balance between the symbiotic world of medical marijuana and its patients there has to be a minimal level of education. There must be a small degree of understanding on behalf of the patient, just like when prescribed any other drug. I feel that Afgoo_head advocates for education in the world of MMJ and brings with him an understanding of it as medicine.


Marijuana Thai Stick
Photo courtesy of @Afgoo_head

Who or what can you attribute as vital influences that have shaped your mind?

His answer? “Various people.” From architects, to other growers, and even Leonardo Da Vinci.

Any resources out there that you feel EVERYONE must look into?

“Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes.” But as he said, the real go-to resource will always be the plant herself.

Any resources out there that you feel EVERYONE must look into?

“Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes.” But as he said, the real go-to resource will always be the plant herself.

Any horror stories you’d like to share?

“Horror stories? Spider mites!”

I rudely interrupted with an Ugh. What was your trick for getting rid of them?

“At the time I was growing in soil,” and as drastic measures would have it he wrapped a “plastic bag around the pot and hung the plants upside down and placed tape on the stems. I flipped their world upside down.”

Did it work?

Cannabis Thai Stick

Ten seconds into the interview I stopped trying to document his words and began simply to… listen.
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“That was a way of controlling them, but it didn’t fully fix the problem. Many of them did get trapped on the tape though.”

 Well I feel like we covered A LOT of bases. As I close my laptop are there any closing statements you would like to leave us with? What do you want your audience to take from the concept of Thai sticks?

Simply that, “I can’t wait ‘til you try the Thai stick for yourself.” He skewed away from describing the experience of what it’s like to smoke one because “it would be like trying to describe the color red to a person that is color blind. It’s something you have to experience on your own.”

And with that we parted ways toward our cars before the parking meter flashed red and flagged over the parking enforcement officer. And even though we both left exhausted from talking so damn much over coffee, the second I turned right on the one-way street homeward bound I had a thought…

“Damn!” I didn’t even ask about his Rastafarian coconut chalice or his homemade hookahs. What about his ice wax extraction techniques; did he have any cool tricks!? This always happens, like any good comeback that comes long after walking away from an altercation, more questions came to mind, better ones!


We met in the heart of this infinitely extending city and parted ways to drain back into its circulating flow of traffic– returning to the sea of honking cars, blaring sirens, and trampling herds of MTA buses.
Photo courtesy of Miss MMJGeek