This Week In Cannabis 7/24

PTSD research marches on (or out), Oregon readies for legalization vote, medical marijuana available from a place that practices medicine, and a self-medicated cure PTSD Researchers Hitting the High Road University of Arizona could see their […]

This Week In Cannabis 7/4

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Puff on the Ballot Says OK Lawmakers Oklahoma’s attempt to get marijuana legalization onto November’s ballot is moving forward this Monday. The state’s more conservative proclivities, along […]

This Week In Cannabis 6/20

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Silver State Wants Green Production On Tuesday, Nevada’s Clark County commissioners approved 101 medical marijuana applications for production, cultivation, and laboratory facilities spanning from Laughlin to Las Vegas. Breakdown […]

This Week In Cannabis 6/6

MMJ Gets Boost in Illinois What was already a good week for medical marijuana, (with the House of Representatives recently voting “yay” on stopping the Feds from interfering with medical marijuana rights in those states where it […]

This Week In Cannabis 5/30

House Restricts DEA From Targeting State-Legal Medical Marijuana In a reflection of the nation-wide growing acceptance of marijuana, a bipartisan collation of House members voted today to restrict the DEA from using funds to prosecute medical marijuana […]