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The latest news from this week in Cannabis Culture, Industry, and Legislation

This Week In Cannabis 5/16

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow Banking on Green Financial services for marijuana growers have traditionally withered in the long shadow cast by Federal law, but a new bill by Colorado legislators would give marijuana businesses access to basic business banking services. This unique financial system would work through a network of uninsured […]

This Week In Cannabis 5/9

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Minnesota Puffing Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization Or are they? Strangely, the bill that recently passed in the State Senate (by a large majority of 48-18), which would legalize medical marijuana, specifically prohibits patients from smoking it. Rather, it has to be ingested in pill, oil, or vapor […]

This Week in Cannabis 5/2

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Marijuana Could Be in a Different Class Looks like marijuana could receive a new classification if Republican representative Morgan Griffith’s (VA) new bill, the “Legitimate Use of Medicinal Marijuana Act,” gets the Feds to remove the current Schedule I hurdle. This bill is attempting to get lawmakers to downgrade the product from its […]

This Week In Cannabis 4/25

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Let Us Out of the House It seems like D.C. marijuana users just can’t get a break. As we highlighted in a recent post, the Nation’s capital recently approved the decriminalization of marijuana by a large margin and are now awaiting the due process of it passing […]

This Week in Cannabis 4/18

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Sporting the Green The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes amongst professional athletes and the leagues they represent has received a lot of press in the last few months.From NFL commissioner Roger Gooddell’s statement that marijuana for medical use amongst NFL players is not “off the table” […]

This Week in Cannabis 4/11

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Maryland, Say Hello to Mary Jane In what is probably best described as altered states, yet another mid-Atlantic state is inching closer to decriminalizing marijuana. The Maryland Senate approved the legislation on Bill 364 by 38-8 votes to make possession of small amounts of marijuana (in this […]

This Week in Cannabis 4/4

The Right to Know. The Right to Grow. Back to the Polls Can you smell that? It’s the scent of inevitability. And smoke. A recent Pew Research Survey determined that a whopping 75% of Americans are convinced that marijuana will eventually be granted legal status nationwide. And that includes both the sale and use of […]

This Week In Cannabis 3/28

Welcome to our newest segment on the Bounty Blog, “This Week in Cannabis.” This weekly news round-up will help keep you up-to-date on all things related to the cannabis and medical marijuana industry. Think we missed something? Of course we did! With so much information in the news, we’re bound to miss something. So help […]