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The latest news from this week in Cannabis Culture, Industry, and Legislation

This Week In Cannabis 10/10

From reckless to risky, from decriminalization to a poor attempt at it, from sealing marijuana possession records up to making it cheaper to possess, and Melissa Etheridge’s glass-a-day remedy, this is your week of Cannabis in the News. From the Dark Ages into a Sealed Record, Penalties for Marijuana Possession Revisited The District of Columbia, it […]

This Week In Cannabis 9/26

This week we look at how an Alaska news anchors roll out (and how CA might soon be rolling), how much money could be in marijuana, Oregon gets another Federal backer, and it’s game over for one Seattle Police Officer’s crusade against legal marijuana. The New Face of Alaska Marijuana Anchorage may have recently lost […]

This Week In Cannabis 9/19

This Week In Cannabis: Washington Post not high on marijuana legalization, NY in 2015?, No Job- No Weed, Florida’s getting greased up, and Colorado is more worried about weed than spirits this Halloween. Tethered to the Wrong Post Hot on the heels of the New York Times’ editorial arguing for the efforts of pro-legalization, The Washington […]

This Week In Cannabis 9/12

This Week in Cannabis: Jobs go up in smoke due to medical marijuana drug testing; Studies, studies everywhere; Philly on the decriminalization train (as are some world leaders), and  new claims that marijuana affects teenage developmental “outcomes”.  Marijuana Drug Testing and Employment: No Sugar Coating The issue of employment in states where marijuana use is legalized […]

This Week in Cannabis 9/5

This Week: Free Weed, DEA May Support Growing, More Tales of Decriminalization, How to Bank your Stash, and the Growing Benefits of Marijuana Free Weed Berkeley, California is now helping its less fortunate get a little greener. The Berkeley City Council, in a unanimous decision, has mandated that medical marijuana dispensaries donate 2% of their […]

This Week in Cannabis 8/29

In this week’s issue, marijuana: does a couple good reduces pill overdoses remains tough to get into Iowa goes straight to the head and suffers from irony A No Hitter A family that blazes together, stays together. At least that is what a recent report—showing that marijuana use decreases domestic abuse—suggests. A study of 600 […]

This Week In Cannabis 8/22

Oregon pro-legalization throws green to get green, Alaskan efforts slip down the poll, Medical Marijuana vs. the GOP, and Indispensable Medical Marijuana Legalization Efforts Getting Smoked in Alaska? Just when you thought it was going to be safe to smoke, grow and carry in Alaska, polls show that support has started to wane, according to Marijuana […]

This Week In Cannabis

Florida Overdoses on Poor Campaign Tactics The fight to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has been a contentious battle. For example, take a look at the latest ad from the ‘No on 2’ campaign’s Facebook page. The image depicts a male/female couple with their arms around each other, the male sporting a “marijuana cookie” in […]

This Week In Cannabis 8/8

This Week In Cannabis Times are a-changin’, D.C. eagle eyes legalization, advertising the benefits, OR bank goes green (well, it’s trying), marijuana goes to prison, and driving marijuana perceptions away. D.C. Puts Down Legalization Flaps So it’s official. The Nation’s Capital is lighting up the issue of marijuana legalization and is set to vote on […]

This Week In Cannabis 8/1

Posting Up On The Issues of Marijuana Legalization A Washington Post blogger recently took aim at legal mmj opponents’ favorite fallacy used to sway voters on the dangers of pot. From black market sales to addiction, cognitive damage as well as a few other staples often trotted out as the argument against marijuana use, writer Christopher Ingraham […]