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Insights, events, and interviews from within Cannabis Culture. Get a pulse on what’s going on within the medical marijuana industry on a social level.

Bounty Interview: Cannabis Community

@CannabisCommunity: an Instagram handle, hashtag, and persona in the Los Angeles cannabis community scene. The man behind it all sat down with me this week to talk about his ‘round the clock dedication to patients, contribution to the MMJ community, and his other day job at The HeadRoom Gallery (@headroomgallery)—the most talked about, but seldom […]

Bounty Interview: @Plant_N_Prosper

I first started conversing with @plant_n_prosper over instant messages, both of us trading knowledge and troubleshooting our gardens. Like some of the illest lyricists from the east coast, @plant_n_prosper always drops raw knowledge from his time-zone three hours ahead. But this time we weren’t here for our usually freestyle microbial battles. This time I felt […]

Coffee with Afgoo_head: Interview with a Mad Genius — Part 3

What’s you’re take on the world of medical marijuana (MMJ) moving towards… Before I could, HONK,finish my statement, HONNNNNNK,the city, after snoozing a few times, was now wide-awake. While many had slept-in on this sunny Saturday morning, Afgoo_head and I had already covered marijuana, Thai sticks, and at this point only had MMJ, recreational legalization, […]