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Here you’ll find information about everything from sexing your medical marijuana plants to national legislation regarding cannabis.

Fimming and Topping Marijuana Plants

Training Methods: Fimming and Topping Marijuana Plants Before we get into the topic for this weekend, take stroll with me down memory lane to our Bounty Blog entry on Mainlinning and our description of the cannabis plant’s natural structure and terminal dominance: Picture a pine tree (a perfect example of apical dominance): like medical marijuana […]

This Week In Cannabis 11/7

This Week in Cannabis: all things marijuana legislation and legalization, Halloween candy update, and the seedier side of legal marijuana 2014 Marijuana Legislation Blazes Trails So you may have heard that marijuana did pretty well in this year’s voter turnout. Three of the four major 2014 marijuana legislation efforts passed the ballot vote with Alaska, […]

This Week In Cannabis 10/31

This Week in Cannabis: Voting season is upon us. Here’s a quick look at some of the 2014 marijuana ballot initiatives and numbers that could have an impact on marijuana (both medical and recreational) in the weeks, months and years to come. Checking all the Right Boxes Next week is a fairly significant milestone for marijuana […]

Companion Plants for Cannabis

Companion Plants for Cannabis Welcome back, this week on the Bounty Blog we’re going to talk about the many benefits of using companion plants in your cannabis garden. Companion planting is the act of planting different crops in close proximity to each other in an effort to recycle nutrients, improve flavors, and most importantly, as […]

This Week In Cannabis 10/24

This Week in Cannabis: Marijuana schedule 1 change gets in front of a federal judge, weed gets no credit, Seattle dispensaries get bitter pill, an inedible approach to treats, and a hip-hop weed drop. On Schedule The classification of marijuana as a Schedule I Controlled Substance has made its way in front of a federal […]

This Week In Cannabis 10/17

This Week in Cannabis: Alaskan Cops, the DOJ and marijuana legalization; CO is on weeded political path, but sales continue to rise; CA’s decriminalization is good for the kids; D.C. might pump the brakes on marijuana legalization, and how to bank your green proceeds. Alaskan Cops and DOJ Attorney say “yes” When the cops back […]

How to Grow Blue Dream Strain

How to Grow Blue Dream Strain Blue Dream- a classic strain known to captivate you with her sweet inviting smell. If you choose to have this girl in your garden, be prepared to get intimate with her through lots training and topping, otherwise you’ll find yourself looking up at her canopy. She’s considerate and forgiving […]

This Week In Cannabis 10/10

From reckless to risky, from decriminalization to a poor attempt at it, from sealing marijuana possession records up to making it cheaper to possess, and Melissa Etheridge’s glass-a-day remedy, this is your week of Cannabis in the News. From the Dark Ages into a Sealed Record, Penalties for Marijuana Possession Revisited The District of Columbia, it […]

Conserving Water in Your Marijuana Garden

Sustainable Watering Practices for Marijuana Growers Many farmers are directly affected by current limitations and regulations on the use of water due to the extreme drought. Licensed growers in legal states such as Colorado and Washington have lost access to federal water since the Bureau of Reclamation announced water rights were cut off to the medical […]

This Week In Cannabis 9/26

This week we look at how an Alaska news anchors roll out (and how CA might soon be rolling), how much money could be in marijuana, Oregon gets another Federal backer, and it’s game over for one Seattle Police Officer’s crusade against legal marijuana. The New Face of Alaska Marijuana Anchorage may have recently lost […]