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Welcome to the Bounty Blog! Here you’ll find information about everything from sexing your medical marijuana plants to national legislation regarding cannabis.

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Greenmile Hydro Joins the North County Bounty Family

#ProGrowerNation, please welcome North County Bounty’s newest dealer, Greenmile Hydro, in San Bernardino, CA. This awesome company was one of the first hydro stores to take root in the Inland Empire and has been in […]

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Welcome to Decriminalization, Washington D.C.

But even with the legislation passing, legally growing marijuana in the capital will have to wait. On Tuesday, by a margin of 10-1 the Washington D.C. City Council resoundingly voted for B20-0409 to decriminalize marijuana […]

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Brewing tea: An Introduction to the Microbe Army

“Left to their own devices, then, plants produce exudates that attract fungi and bacteria (and, ultimately, nematodes and protozoa); their survival depends on the interplay between these microbes” (Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis, 22). Before we […]

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Gentle Love for Your Ladies: How to Foliar Feed

Photo courtesy of Miss MMJGeek So you’re looking to incorporate foliar feeding into your garden’s regimen? Is it the best option for you and most importantly, your ladies? How do you foliar feed? What do […]

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Loving your ladies and loathing their pests: how to prevent & eradicate cannabis pests

While on the hunt for information regarding cannabis pest prevention, my search engine was filled with lots of dead-end links leaving me right back at the starting line. It wasn’t until I refined my search […]

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Building Your Grow Room On a Budget: Part 2

Everyone ready for Part II? Time to dive in and get growing! PROPER TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY Colder temperatures (< 70° F or 20° C) and hotter temperatures (> 85-90° F or 32° C) inhibit growth […]

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Building Your Grow Room On a Budget: Part 1

To successfully cultivate cannabis, indoor and outdoor alike, it’s important to understand the fundamental requirements plants have in order to produce food and prosper. Essential to cannabis or any plant is: light a growing medium […]

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Coffee with Afgoo_head: Interview with a Mad Genius — Part 3

What’s you’re take on the world of medical marijuana (MMJ) moving towards… Before I could, HONK,finish my statement, HONNNNNNK,the city, after snoozing a few times, was now wide-awake. While many had slept-in on this sunny […]

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Coffee with Afgoo_head: Interview with a Mad Genius — Part 2

Our coffees once brewed boiling hot now sat cold. We had barely touched base on how Afgoo_head and marijuana met and the intricate relationship that ensued thereafter. We hadn’t even begun to talk about his […]

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Coffee with Afgoo_head: Interview with a Mad Genius Part 1

Afgoo_head /’af-goo/ /hed/ noun 1. The person who is currently taking the concepts of Thai sticks and revolutionizing them into Cannabis cigars by wrapping them in cured leaves and adhering them together using cannabis oils. […]

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