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No More 420 Blend?

Well, not really. But we are changing the product name to SoCO Blend starting February 1, 2015. Same great ingredients. Same proven results. Different bag. It was a tough decision. We’ve put our hearts and minds behind creating an awesome product with a name that would evoke a true sense of leadership in the cannabis […]

This Week In Cannabis 12/19

This Week in Cannabis: D.C. Still in the Weeds, Congress OKs Marijuana MedEvac, Kids Brains Not on Drugs, Anchorage Stays Anchored to Legalization, and A Green Leaf Party A Congress Keen on Medical Marijuana? Medical Marijuana is safe. Or at least in the states that have legalized its use. The LA Times is reporting the tome […]

This Week In Cannabis 12/12

Feds to Harsh D.C.’s Mellow In what probably qualifies as “green-on-green combat,” a new federal spending bill has an amendment embedded in it that could block the use of any and all funds to help in the implementation of Initiative 71—D.C.’s recreational marijuana legislation. Despite many House Republicans saying that blocking this legalization was not […]

This Week In Cannabis 12/5

Decriminalization in VA Proposed changes to marijuana policy continue to pop up across the country. Recently in Virginia, a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana (an ounce or less) was introduced for consideration in the upcoming General Assembly reports The Daily Progress. It would seem that it is becoming a numbers game for some […]

This Week in Cannabis 11/28

Huffing and Puffing; Will the House Blow it Down (Eventually)? With all of the recent euphoria surrounding legalization efforts, there has been a couple of sobering potential situations put forward recently. One comes from the Huffington Post, which quotes Harvard economist, Jeff Miron, who believes that all of the good work done in legalization could […]

This Week In Cannabis 11/21

This Week in Cannabis: Marijuana shrinks brain tumors, Washington State picks up the purveying pace, Washington D.C. gets some unfortunate international heat, CA gets a legal shake at 2016, and CO to mix things up (potentially). Marijuana Shrinks Brain Tumors With research into the efficacy of marijuana and the cannabinoids it holds as a medical alternative […]

This Week In Cannabis 11/14

This Week in Cannabis: After recent elections, and the highs that came with it, it seemed inevitable that there would be some bubble bursters looking for column space. Here are some of those mixed in with more good news for legalization supporters. First, the good news from the Nevada marijuana legalization efforts… Nevada Marijuana Legalization 2015 […]

This Week In Cannabis 11/7

This Week in Cannabis: all things marijuana legislation and legalization, Halloween candy update, and the seedier side of legal marijuana 2014 Marijuana Legislation Blazes Trails So you may have heard that marijuana did pretty well in this year’s voter turnout. Three of the four major 2014 marijuana legislation efforts passed the ballot vote with Alaska, […]

This Week In Cannabis 10/31

This Week in Cannabis: Voting season is upon us. Here’s a quick look at some of the 2014 marijuana ballot initiatives and numbers that could have an impact on marijuana (both medical and recreational) in the weeks, months and years to come. Checking all the Right Boxes Next week is a fairly significant milestone for marijuana […]

This Week In Cannabis 10/24

This Week in Cannabis: Marijuana schedule 1 change gets in front of a federal judge, weed gets no credit, Seattle dispensaries get bitter pill, an inedible approach to treats, and a hip-hop weed drop. On Schedule The classification of marijuana as a Schedule I Controlled Substance has made its way in front of a federal […]