No More 420 Blend?

Well, not really. But we are changing the product name to SoCO Blend starting February 1, 2015. Same great ingredients. Same proven results. Different bag.

It was a tough decision. We’ve put our hearts and minds behind creating an awesome product with a name that would evoke a true sense of leadership in the cannabis soil industry. Whether you knew it or not, our simple goal has always been to help growers connect with other growers and become better at their craft.

So why change the name when people are just beginning to identify with and publicly advocate for the daily efforts of building the 420 Blend name?

To be honest, this industry has a lot of competition and rather than try to compete with a larger company for a namesake, we decided that it’s far better to spend our time and resources where it makes a difference – creating the best products to help you grow your sacred harvest.  In addition, this name change will allow us to be distributed by a number of hydroponic stores that wanted to carry North County Bounty products, but were hesitant because of the previous blend name.  We know some of you have traveled great distances to purchase our blends, so we hope this will allow us to become a little more local for our loyal growers.

We chose the name SoCO – short for Sonoma County – to honor our home and the birthplace of the original recipe that was formulated long before anybody thought making a soil for cannabis would become “an industry.” We’re proud of our history and this gives us a way to proclaim it.