This Week In Cannabis 12/5

Decriminalization in VA

Proposed changes to marijuana policy continue to pop up across the country. Recently in Virginia, a bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana (an ounce or less) was introduced for consideration in the upcoming General Assembly reports The Daily Progress.

It would seem that it is becoming a numbers game for some lawmakers in the halls of power. State Senator Adam Ebbin, who introduced the bill, was quoted as saying “I had requests to do it for a number of years, and I decided this year to go ahead. There’s about 25 million Americans who smoked marijuana in the past year, and our public policy should start to reflect reality and not deny it.”

Arizona Tax High

It has become very much en vogue to point out the financial windfall as a result of legalizing marijuana. Case in point is this Marijuana Business Daily article on the projected tax revenues for Alaska through 2020.

It has also become a tactic adopted for those states who are considering legalization proceedings. Look at Arizona. According to the Phoenix New TImes the Arizona State Legislature is reporting that Arizona could net as much as $48m in taxes should the state legalize.

It is as good a strategy to adopt in trying to sway uncertain lawmakers as any. Fewer arrests for marijuana use (as well as time better spent on more productive law enforcement activities) and quite a few more dollars for state-wide programs—seems like a win-win.

Now if only those uncertain lawmakers would say “yes.”

Speaking of Alaska…

Remember the “Fuck it, I quit!” girl? Well, it took them a little longer than expected, but the authorities finally got around to trying to make things difficult for her.

According to the Huffington Post, Charlene Egbe (AKA Charlo Greene) who became infamous as a result of her more flamboyant on-air resignation is potentially in hot water with regards to campaign finance and reporting requirements.

The investigation is around her use of IndieGoGo—a crowdsourcing tool—to raise funds aimed at advocating for the ballot that ultimately ended in pot being legalized.

Greene feels that she is being unfairly targeted, and given the nature of the means by which she quit, we’re pretty sure that there were a few other four letter words she may have used in her remonstration of the Alaska Public Offices Commission’s queries.

High Drivers Could Get Blown Away

The Seattle Times is reporting that a Breathalyzer for weed is under development at Washington State University.

Using existing means of tracking controlled or dangerous substances, chemistry professor Herbert Hill believes that he can produce a handheld device that would use ion mobility spectrometry to determine if a driver has THC on their breath.

The device could be ready for testing as early as January—which is sure to take quite a few partakers’ breath away.

Marijuana: A Body of Evidence

There’s been a lot of research into the effects of marijuana on different body parts and systems. In fact, a recent study is showing that THC helps to slow (and even end) the progress of Alzheimer’s disease as this post in Toke of the Town points out.

But have you even wondered what marijuana does for (and to) other parts of the body?

Well, you’re in luck. The folks at have taken the time to put together an illustrated infographic highlighting how marijuana use impacts the human body in their post, Explaining Cannabis’Effect: from Head to Toe.

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