This Week In Cannabis 10/17

This Week in Cannabis: Alaskan Cops, the DOJ and marijuana legalization; CO is on weeded political path, but sales continue to rise; CA’s decriminalization is good for the kids; D.C. might pump the brakes on marijuana legalization, and how to bank your green proceeds.

Alaskan Cops and DOJ Attorney say “yes”

When the cops back your recreational marijuana legalization roll, you know you’ve got a good thing going.

Recently, Alaska put out two television ads from current and ex-law enforcement officers who expressed their support of Measure 2. In one ad, Bill Parker, a former deputy commissioner for the Alaska Department of Corrections, is quoted saying “the war on marijuana is wasteful, and it hasn’t worked.”

Also in this week’s progressive news, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has a new head. And one that described legalization in Colorado and Washington as: “racial justice victories.” Although Vanita Gupta might not be able to directly influence the federal drug enforcement policy, it can’t hurt that she is very much in favor or marijuana legalization.

Colorado’s Political Hopefuls Fiddle, While Weed Sales Burn Up

As the gubernatorial race heats up in Colorado—the outcome of which industry insiders don’t really care about — what is truly ablaze in Colorado right now is marijuana sales.

The Washington Post is reporting that both medical and recreational marijuana sales climbed in August with the combined take coming in at $67.5million. That relates to about $7.5million in state taxes for the month and $45million on the year — something both candidates might do well to recognize as they both prepare separate recipes on how to cook their golden goose.

California’s Teenage Dream

If you are keeping track of the statistical rounds that are fired back and forth regarding the effects of marijuana (both good and ill) here’s one for the pro-marijuana guys.

Quoting a report from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, the Washington Post is reporting that since marijuana was decriminalized in 2011, California teen dropout rates have actually dropped—as have arrests and overdoses.

These reports seem to pokes a few holes in the flagship argument that loosening the restrictions on marijuana will result in a broad swath of negative outcomes and blights on society, especially amongst the “kids.” Seems like the kids are alright, despite the many fear-based anti-marijuana campaigns we see on a regular basis that love to beg to differ.

Not the Blaze You’re Looking For

Thanks to the quick response, selfless actions and the standard operating procedure of Redway’s fire department, a marijuana harvest was saved recently reports the Lost Coast Outpost.

Responding to the call, they saw a drying facility on fire (believed to have been caused by a malfunctioning fan) and managed to control it before the precious cargo went up. The responders managed to scoop up the cannabis and carefully lay it on a blanket where firefighters explained they would leave it for the grower to tend to.

According to one local, the crop should be salvageable.

D.C. Slows its Legal Roll

A lot has been said about Washington D.C.’s marijuana legalization initiatives of late. And for good reason. After battling for decriminalization (and it was a battle), they then pushed to have the criminal record of those offenders who qualify sealed, while still managing to get full marijuana legalization on the ballot for November.

However now it seems that the Capitol is going to adopt a more measured approach should marijuana legalization happen, with David Grosso—one of the more ardent pro-legalization council members—saying that the council will likely adopt full legalization cautiously.

It could take as long as a year to get it right, but the hope is that the carrying and growing aspects of legalization, like it did in Colorado, will go into effect regardless of any regulatory delay.

Can you bank on it?

So, you are involved in the legal marijuana-related business (well, state legal) and you’d like to open a bank account. Chances are you have probably already tried and been subject to the usual narrative of why you can’t get one.

But don’t despair, the tide is turning and while it does our friends at the Marijuana Business Daily have given a little insight as to how you can potentially get your cash into a financial institution.

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